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ICO is complete!

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Soft cap
50 ETH

Hard cap
250 ETH

Collected investments

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Poster Token (PT)

Poster Token (PT) — token, on which the daily profit is calculated! We pay 10% of the amount of each order our online store

What are the holders of the Poster Tokens (PT):

  • Investor's personal area
  • Personal account with the ability to make a profit on the wallet Ethereum
  • Online tracking of all incoming orders
  • Participation in the discussion of business details
  • Participation in the management of the online store (for large investors)

Details can be found in Whitepaper.

How it works


The investor buys Poster Tokens on favorable terms.

1st week: bonus +25%
2nd week: bonus +10%
3rd week: bonus +5%


Unlike most ICOs, Poster Token allows an investor to receive revenue right after the issue is completed, even before the release of the token on the crypto-exchange.

We pay investors 10% from the amount of each order of the online store!


Our business is developing dynamically. In the future, the profitability of the Poster Token (PT) will inevitably only grow.

And it is quite obvious that this will lead to an increase in the exchange value of the token itself.

ICO Details

Name of the token: Poster Token
Token symbol: PT
Blockchain platform: Ethereum
Protocol: ERC 20



All unsold tokens entered in the open sale are burned under the terms of the smart contract after the ICO. Further emission of tokens is not planned.

Investor Protection:

If the minimum threshold (soft cap) is not reached, the money is returned to investors.

Maximum output: 1 000 000 PT
Cost of the token: 4000 PT = 1 ETH
Currency of purchase: ETH
Maximum sale: Not limited
Period of sale of the tokens: 4 weeks
Minimum collection threshold (soft cap): 50 ETH
Maximum collection threshold (hard cap): 250 ETH

Offers: 1st week +25%, 2nd week +10%, 3rd week +5%

Distribution of tokens and budget

Distribution of tokens
Distribution of budget

* The budget for advertising, PR and website promotion will be evenly distributed for 1-2 years (depending on the amount collected).

** Business development includes the purchase of new equipment for printing posters and for a baguette workshop, renting a new room, recruiting additional staff, expanding the functionality of the site.

*** The stabilization fund will be necessary for the sustainability of business and for smoothing internal and external factors of influence on the life of the company.

Prerequisites for the growth of the cost of the token

  1. As the business develops and the number of orders increases, there will be an inevitable increase in the yield of the Poster Token (PT). And it is quite obvious that this will lead to an increase in the exchange value of the token itself.
  2. After the ICO, the PT token will be freely traded on exchanges. We plan to constantly expand the presence of the token on different exchanges, as the project develops.
  3. The development of the world's crypto currency will facilitate their use in the global economy and the transition to mutual settlements between all participants in the crypto currency. Therefore, the value of digital assets in the future will only grow.

Road map

2002 — 2017

Launching an online store
Arrangement of sales mechanisms. Establishment of logistics processing and delivery of orders. For today we deliver orders all over Russia and the CIS countries (more than 1300 points of self-export).
The store's revenue is ~100 orders per month


February — April, 2018

Preparation and conduct of ICO

May — August, 2018

Listing Poster Token on the stock exchange.
Creation and launch of the bot in the Telegram messenger for the sale and purchase of Poster Tokens (PT)


May — December, 2018

Increase the store's profitability to 300 orders per month

December, 2018 — December, 2019

Increase the store's profitability to 1000 orders per month




Anton Savchenko

Anton Savchenko

Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur, programmer, founder of the project. Experience in the field of Internet commerce. Co-owner and head of online stores and Crypto enthusiast.

Facebook VK
Elena Efimova

Elena Efimova

Co-founder and Commercial Director

Experience in managerial work in the field of trade. Successful cooperation with the main retail networks of Russia (X5 Retail Group, O'Key, Lenta, Auchan, Magnet and other). Specialist in communication with clients in social networks.



Permanent staff





Contact Information

Russia, Moscow, Lobatchika str, 17
Tel: +7 (977) 803-55-89

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